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4 Ways to Optimize your Website to Drive Sales

Are you wondering why your website doesn’t have the impact you would expect it to? Do you see your sales dropping and don’t know what is to blame? Especially when your website is your small business’s main means of revenue.

So what can you do about it? First, you must identify what is wrong with your website and then, try and fix the problem(s).

Let’s find out the most common reasons why a website might not deliver the desired results.

1. The Problem: Your Website isn’t Attention Grabbing

Did you know that if a user landing on your website doesn’t get impressed within the first 5 seconds, they are more likely to leave and never to return? Wow! This means that your website must grab the users’ attention as soon as they land. Now, visit your website. Is this a fact? If yes, then the time has come to make some changes.

The Solution

What you need to do is resign your website using custom templates that align with the latest studies in eye-tracking. This way not only your website will be able to make an impression on users but at the same time it will keep them interested along their journey. Needless to say, the more quickly the webpages load the better.

However, if you are not familiar with these practices, NAG media can help you achieve what you are aiming for  by doing the work for you.

2. The Problem: Your Website is Overflowed by Striking Visuals

This is the far end of the previous problem. Many businesses think that in order to grab their customers’ attention they must pack their websites with overpowering visuals. The right practice though is somewhere in the middle.

In fact, website visitors nowadays are looking to access the information they need quickly and effortlessly. And that is why design elements should always serve this purpose.

The Solution

Use visuals that cater for the enhancement of the website’s UX. In other words, help your visitors access the information they are looking for in a more efficient way and of course, faster.

Hence, your website’s design is something that should be better left done by professionals; NAG media can help your website provide a meaningful and relevant experience to users  in order for your business to achieve its goals.

3.The Problem: Your Website isn’t Designed Based on your Target Audience

Many businesses build their websites completely brand oriented rather than tailored to the needs of their target customers. This means that they tend to meet the needs of their business rather than increasing brand awareness, leads generation and conversions; that is to say, their business objectives.

If this is the case with your website too, then you’ve got yourself a problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

The Solution

First of all, you need to figure out what your target audience expects from your website. You can gain these insights by using your social media profiles to ask your followers and use their feedback when you redesign your website.

In the case where you don’t even have a social media presence, NAG media can create social media profiles  in the platforms that best suit your business and manage them for you.

4. The Problem: Your Website is Lacking Contact Details

Many times we come across websites that lack contact details and simply ask us to fill in a contact form; this only makes us question the credibility of these websites and the businesses behind them.

Thus, the fact that there is no easy access to contact information makes us doubt the intentions of the said websites; so we choose to leave and search another website that will gain our trust.

Therefore, if you haven’t given the proper attention to contact details on your website now is the time to do so.

The Solution

Make sure that your business’s contact details are visible at all pages of your website. Also, include a fairly comprehensive Contact Us page. This should be optimized for mobile devices as well, given the gradually increasing number of people browsing the internet through their mobile devices.

Another important detail is making your phone number, email address and/or physical address clickable for users to find you effortlessly.


These were three common reasons why a small business’s website doesn’t gain the desired traffic and consequently, conversions. However, there are many more to watch out for when assessing your website and fixing the problems.

After all, if you lack the tools or expertise to do so, NAG Media can help you evaluate your website’s performance and redesign it following the industry’s best practices.

Contact our talented professionals today  and start working on optimizing your website.